Saint Hollywood fashion


Tbilisi Fashion Week 2012

Performance at Ideal Glass 2010

Levan Mindiashvili

Crossing the Boundaries.02 is a project where various artistic disciplines and experiences meet and dialogue with each other, expanding traditional meanings and territories of them. Three artists from different artistic and geographical background (US, Argentina and Georgia) are exchanging their cultural experiences.

Levan Mindiashvili – multimedia artist and independent curator resides and works in New York and Buenos Aires. His artistic research is based on expanding, dissolving notions of “private” and “public”, intimacy and identity. His mixed media paintings  series “Urban Identities”   is a personal, subjective investigation of urban space, architecture and city structure based on living experiences in New York, Buenos Aires and Tbilisi. It is a private diary, in which “public space” becomes a playground for revelations of personal approaches, intimacies and memories. Overlapping silhouettes are creating a time-space continuum for this extended journey into constructions of a very complex,almost puzzle-like, structure named Identity.

Uta Bekaia – is New York based multimedia artist working in fashion…

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