KIev Biennale

“Manifest Thought Form – A Route of Evanescence” revolves around the histories and currents of two European capitals – Kyiv and Tbilisi –, both situated on a geopolitical fault line. The wide-branching pathways, influences and conflicts marking the realities of these cities and the common heritage they share reverberate in the works of the five artists presented, all born in Georgia or Ukraine. They depart from local narratives and traditions, constellations and memories that shed light on the important role played by both countries as a relay between various European (and Asian) zones of influence, shaped by multiple projections from the outside. The post-Soviet condition, the discord of historical constellations, the struggle of their people for self-determination and the tensions and armed conflicts in their borderlands are the material the pieces bring to a form – in a gendered re-contextualization of manifests, thoughts and forms that have deeply etched themselves into the societies of these European regions. Defying the reality of the current territorial instability, defying hegemonic claims to power and showcasing the cultural heterogeneity of the ‘nation’, is what this projects aims at.

The exhibition is a department of “The School of Kyiv” Kyiv Biennial 2015.

Artists: Uta Bekaia, Tamuna Chabashvili, Ana Chaduneli, Lada Nakonechna, Anna Zvyagintseva
Curator: Georg Schöllhammer
Organizer: Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, coordinator Ana Riaboshenko