Manifest Thought Form – A Route of Evanescence

Installations  at Kaud Gallery, Istanbul  Biennale

The Color of the Sky’ is based on a quote from a song of the Georgian band “Blue Trio”. This song radiates comfort and the feeling of security and resonates all the magical creatures and colors I imagined as a child. Blue, the color of the sky and sea, dominated my childhood memory and perception. I remember a particular lucid summer in Sukhumi, where my family would make summer vacation, where this song was echoing in my ears, while I was looking through holes in the seashells. In intense reflection of rays of sun on the sea, people would transform into a blue creatures. This work represents melancholy of evanescence of this filling, and fading blue to black. 

Curator: Georg Schöllhammer
Organizer: Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, coordinator Ana Riaboshenko