Чому мені, Боже, ти крила не дав?Я б землю покинув і в небо злітав…».

Why, Lord, have you not granted me wings?
I would the earth forsake and fly to the heavens.
Mykhailo Petrenko 1841

Performance at Turn park art space. 2022

No one thought the war would start.
But, watching the news early morning on February 24, I heard the horrific sound of sirens over the sky of Kyiv.
It revived old wounds.
In August 2008, when Russia attacked Georgia, I had this feeling.
Feeling of helplessness, uncertainty, and horror.
Caused by the unjust action of a big country, attacking its neighbors for no sense and with no justification.To punish for the will to be free, and the right to have a choice.
As a Georgian artist, and just as a human being, I feel the pain that our Ukrainian brothers and sisters are now experiencing.
We share this pain, it is a burden we have to carry for generations.
The Performance Is dedicated to the people who lost their lives, were raped and tortured, and were left homeless by this senseless act of war.
Performers represent a type of Ukrainian National doll, Motenka.
They are spirits, frozen in time, monotonously continuing their daily work, unattainable to them in this dimension.
They symbolize the victims of the war, caused by by a demented imperialistic mind.