Uta Bekaia is a Georgian born (1974) multimedia artist currently residing and working in New York and Tbilisi. He had studied Industrial Design at Tbilisi Mtsire Academy. He debuted as an artist at AMA (Avant-Guard Fashion Assembly) with a sculptural performance. He creates performances and installations inhabited with wearable sculptures, exploring his historical cultural background, genetical codes and cycles of the universe. Resident artist at ART OMI, New York.

With Levan Mindiashvili he had collaborated as Bekaia + Mindiashvili duo on several projects, among them are “Night Intervention” at State Silk Museum, Tbilisi (Goergia) and “Unintended Archeology” at The Lodge Gallery, NYC. Among his exhibitions are Kiev 2nd Biennial, ArtIsterium 2015, Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project, The Vasquez Building, Brooklyn; His current performance pieces are “41o” Art Villa Garikula; Tbilisoba Festival; “Vestiphobia”, Ideal Glass, New York; “Fua Sia Tata Sia”, The Movement Theater, “Berikaoba” for Tbilisi; Tbilisi City Parade.

Uta Bekaia engages multiple artistic mediums, creating wearable sculptures, performances, and videos, where the borders between the disciplines are blurred, and the cultural references are synthesized in his own, personalized vision. With the background in fashion and costume making in the beginning of his career, Bekaia transformed these mediums into the main means, to approach human body and fully emerge into performances. Inspired by ancient mythology, fairy tales, Italian Baroque, and Georgian Dada, Bekaia with his exuberant, sculptural costumes, reinvents and re-stages long lost, never-before-documented rituals. Believing in genetical transferability of communal memory, Bekaia attempts to re-connect with the ancient knowledge and impregnate it with his own experiences and new meaning.


Life N Style Print Festival, Film by Uta Bekaia, curator Nana Kirmelashvili, MOMA Z.Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
«Night Whisper» group show curated by Alexander Blanar, Window Project, Cube.Moscow
Cosmoscow Art Fair, Window Project
«Know Thy Neighbor» OXIGEN, group show curated by Irine Popiashvili
«In Search of the Miraculous» Group Show, MOMA Z.Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Art Berlin, ERTI Gallery
Art OMI residency, NY
Cosmoscow art fair, «Kinto Dreams» ERTI Gallery
The reminiscence Parajanov. performance at close up cinema, London
The Superhumans cycle,
«The Present» solo show at ERTI gallery, curated by Heike Fulbruge, Tbilisi
Here- far . instalation at Triumph Gallery, Moscow
“Inhabitants of childhood” instillation at Turn Park Art compound, NY.
“Inhabitants of childhood” show with ERTI gallery at TAF Tbilisi

«Vienna contemporary» ERTI Gallery


“Superhumans” solo show curated by Levan Mindiashvili, ERTI gallery Tbilisi

“Precarious Constructs,” Venus Knitting Art Space, Brooklyn, NY;
#NewTiflis, commissioned by Tbilisi City Hall in occasion of Annual City Festival“Tbilisoba,” Uta Bekaia + Levan Mindiashvili, Georgia;
“Night Intervention” Uta Bekaia + Levan Mindiashvili, State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia;“Unintended Archeology” Uta Bekaia + Levan Mindiashvili, The Lodge Gallery, New York City;
“Manifest Through Form – A Route of Evanescence,” Center for Contemporary Art, Batumi, Georgia;
“Kinto Dreams” solo show at ARTAREA Tbilisi
“Vestiphobia” workshop and exhibition at Par Gorria Gallery , Havana Cuba
Art Isterium – International Forum for Contemporary Art, Tbilisi Historical Museum, Georgia; “The School of Kiyv,” 2nd Kiyv Biennial, Ukraine;
“Manifest Through Form – A Route of Evanescence,” Kuad Gallery, Istanbul 14th Biennial parallel project part of Kiyv Biennial, Turkey;
“The Seventh Sky,” Solo Exhibition, The Vazquez Building, Brooklyn; “Heritage,” Rich Mix Art Center, London, UK;
“Crossing The Boundaries.03,” AT388, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 2013
“Heritage,” Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia;
“Pheromone,” Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL;
“Spotlights on Georgian Contemporary Art,” Dhadamus Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium;“A Map of My Heart,” Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project, Tbilisi, Georgia;“Morphing,” Berliner Liste13, Dhadamus Contemporary, Berlin, Germany; “Crossing The Boundaries.02,” AT388, Rotterdam, The Netherlands;


«The Longest Day» performance based on summer solstice rituals. Turn park art space 2020
«Songs and Dances» collaboration with Georgian Sinfonietta, baroque festival, National Opera House, Tbilisi
«Purification» Curator Nana Kirmelashvili, Producer Sophiko Vasadze, director of photography David Koridze,

“Inhabitants of childhood” instillation at Turn Park Art compound, NY.
“Steam City” Tbilisi city parade, commissioned by Tbilisi City hall.
“Matchless and Almighty” performance at Batumi cultural center and Artisterium festival Tbilisi
“the scarlet shadows” performance at Mercedes benz Fashion week Tbilisi“Paradise lost” performance at Mercedes benz Fashion week Tbilisi
“Vestiphobia” Performance at Fabrica del Arte Cubano, Havana, Cuba2016


“Uta Bauhaus UTA,” ODETTA, Brooklyn, NY;

“DaDa Ball,” homage to Iliad Zdanevich, Garikula Residency, Georgia; “Night Intervention,“ State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia; “Vestiphobia,” Ideal Glass Gallery, New York City;
“Unintended Archeology,” The Lodge Gallery, New York City;

“The Fairy Night,” Art Park Residency, New York City; “Elements,” FashionClash, Maastricht, Netherlands; 2015
“Berikaoba,” Tbilisi City Parade, Georgia;

“Fuasia Tatasia,” Movement Theater, Tbilisi, Georgia;
“Duality,” FAT Toronto Fashion and Arts Festival, Canada;
“Duality,” Art a Porter, Bryant Park, New York City;
“Fuasia Tatasia,” Peras de Olmo – Ars Continua, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2013

“Purple Jester,” FAT Toronto Fashion and Arts Festival, Canada; FashionClash, Maastricht, Netherlands; Brighton Fashion Week, UK; La Guillotine, Paris, France;

“Sweatshop Boogie,” Williamsburg Fashion Week, Brooklyn, NY;
“Wedding,” Tbilisi Fashion Week, Georgia;
“Days of a Dandy,” Ideal Glass Gallery, New York City; “TRANSpolation,” FAT Toronto Fashion and Arts Festival, Canada;

“Pheromone,” Laguanacazul Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina; “Uta Levan,” Tbilisi Fashion Week, Georgia;
“Saint Hollywood,” Ideal Glass Gallery, New York City; Tbilisi Fashion Week, Georgia;
FAT Toronto Fashion and Arts Festival, Canada; “Icons,” Ideal Glass Gallery, New York City;