Uta Bekaia and Levan Mindiashvili “Night Intervention”

The State Silk Museum, Tbilisi

August 31st – October 1st, 2016

curator Elene Abashidze

The State Silk Museum invited artists Uta Bekaia and Levan Mindiashvili and curator Elene Abashidze to participate in the Museum Intervention Series. Night Intervention is an experiment where the action happens not only in the institution, but within the set of artist/curator roles as well. The project questions the relationship between artists and curator during the working process, which is joined by the curator at a later stage in order to reflect on it rather then provide it.

With the minor coordination from the side of the curator, the artists develop body of work independently and create their own relationship with the space. The artists themselves state: Night Intervention is a direct response to the architecture, history and the purpose of the Silk Museum. Inspired by the Petit Chatelet nature of the building, artists created objects that might reminiscent dilapidated chandeliers, old mirrors or fire place stands that try to “replace” imaginary missing objects. Works, which are made of dry branches covered with pigmented wax and pigmented plaster blocks that mimic construction remnants and dyed gauze, mark a shattering terrain between natural and manmade and resemble the process of silk production. Part of the opening are also three performers in sculptural costumes made by Uta Bekaia. They shall challenge traditional understanding of performance and sculpture”.