Uta Bekaia’s show “Kinto Dreams”

curated by Taso Chkeidze  at ART Area

Three channel video installation
Sound installation
dimensions variable

“Kinto Dreams” represents an artistic attempt to creative associative links between contemporary and traditional ritualistic queer culture. The project is based on an idea of embodying the iconic image of “Kinto”, from 19 century, Tbilisi.  Men, who were assumed to be queer, dressed in traditional costumes, mostly perceived as entertainers on the parties,performing a ritual, as an altered state of consciousness, which can be reached through enhancement of rhythmic, continuous beat, homogeneous dance. “Kinto dreams” investigates urban culture in different periods and tries to connect old Tbilisi city Kinto dance with blooming culture of electronic music in Georgia, which has become a great social and political platform, where all layers of society are welcomed on the common ground of dance.  both as a representation of ritualistic culture and social message.