Uta Bekaia’s show “Kinto Dreams”

“Kinto Dreams” represents an artistic attempt to creative associative links between contemporary and traditional ritualistic culture. The project is based on a idea of perceiving ritual, as an altered state of consciousness, which can be reached through enhancement of rhythmic, continuous beat, homogeneous dance and psychedelic substances. “Kinto dreams” investigates urban culture in different period of time and tries to connect old Tbilisi city Kinto dance, with blooming culture of electronic music in Georgia, both as a representation of ritualistic culture. Altogether with displayed paintings, created between 2001 -2005, as decorations for psychedelic events, the show creates comic and absurd, dreamlike expression of higher state of mind.
This show is dedicated to living memory of dear friend, Chaiung Siagian.

presented by ArtArea Tbilisi

Music – Natalie Tba Beridze
Video – Levan Maisuradze / Giorgi Akhvlediani
Installation – George Babalashvili Giorgi Baba

Curator – Taso Chkheidze

Special thanks to Levan Mindiashvili