Inhabitants of The Childhood

Cyclical nature of the universe and its continuity is one of the main sources of Uta Bekaia’s inspiration. His multifaceted practice expands to sculptural costumes, performative installations, and video and attempts to reinvigorate communal, ancient memory with personal, current experiences. For Tbilisi Art Fair Bekaia creates site-specific installation “Inhabitants of The Childhood.” A small island in the middle of the Expo Georgia – the current venue of the fair and the nearest playground for the artist in his childhood years – had always teased Bekaia’s imagination, imagining all the possible creatures that could inhabit the “woods” and the “water.” For this installation Bekaia brings to life those phantasies, creating porcelain sculptures that are half animals – half invented creatures, that evolve in to each other and outline the cyclical, spiral evolution of the life and re-birth.

A site specific installation brought to you by Erti Gallery, Georgia.