The Lovers Ritual

“O lovers, lovers it is time
to set out from the world.
I hear a drum in my soul’s ear
coming from the depths of the stars.
Our camel driver is at work;
the caravan is being readied.
He asks that we forgive him
for the disturbance he has caused us,
He asks why we travelers are asleep.Everywhere the murmur of departure;
the stars, like candles
thrust at us from behind blue veils,
and as if to make the invisible plain,
a wondrous people have come forth”

Jalāl Rūmī

This performance was a celebration of the art of Sergei Parajanov, a man who created a new word and a vision for Eurasian art. As in his films, these performances were an attempt, to create living collages and to animate tableaus, inspired by Sufi poetry and eastern ornaments. With colors, movement, and sound, pictures came to life at the beautiful gardens of Tsinandali  estate in Kakheti, Georgia.