Sea, Sea, Swallow me 


Project Window Gallery. Ceramic sculpture, video, performance.

  The core of my multidisciplinary practice is the cyclical nature of our existence and genetically transferred knowledge, known as a collective memory. Complex interrelations of a human being with nature and the impact we both have on each other has been the main interest of mine. My previous works were more based on the research of cultural and historical backgrounds and their influences on the formation of one’s identity, how socio-political environments form our perception and understanding of the world, and our role in it.I perceive and understand the world around me as a continuous, slowly morphing image, where we all form a constitutive element and affect its development. Therefore, immersive  installations are the most suitable forms for me to communicate my ideas and concerns. I build environments with objects that are very tactile and physical and combine them with large scale video projections that encapsulate the spaces entirely. They make the viewers conscious and aware of their physicality and their presence. These visceral experiences become a catalyst to internalize concerns or ideas that, in most cases, seem alienated or distant, and makes them more “real.”  The gap between reality and created industrial world is growing rapidly with modern understanding of civilization, and as we lose touch with the environment, it is getting harder to realize our potential in it. I think the realization, that we are small particles of the universe is of great importance today. A small, yet crucial part of one big machine, one organism. We are all interconnected and each one of us has a great deal of role to play in the development of the futures evolution.The project “Sea, Sea, Swallow Me” responds to the divide between natural and artificial worlds.The project will be a projection of one of the possible outcomes of the future. The show will raise existential questions like; Concept of a butterfly effect, possible future outcomes triggered by us with our actions. The project is based on the narrative, written by me during a COVID 19 lockdown. It tells a story, where people feel cornered, and want the great change to happen. They will change their path artificially by triggering a fabricated apocalypse with seven explosions.After this, humans mutate and become Super-Humans, with their consciousness fully expended.The most important part of ​​the project is that the story will be visualized as if it was experienced by the child.

As time passes, We feel the change too. We feel our body and soul, our essence to its fullest. We can perceive how every single particle is communicating with us… It all started after the Big Bang. Before the explosions, We were completely ignorant of our environment. We couldn’t feel anything. We were completely unaware of where We were, what were We leaving behind, We didn’t understand what was the impact of the time continuum. Surrounding was one infinitely large cluster of things that stayed the same, almost infinitely, or maybe We didn’t have the vision to see how things were changing. The mighty explosions altered everything… We were left alone with ourselves, and for the first time, understood the meaning of “the present”. For the first time, We experienced transience, Our significance in the present, And most importantly, the change… Constantly ongoing, live, fluid and always fundamental change. It was very difficult to comprehend at first. it was so hard to get used to new strength. When We felt the complete balance with the universe for the first time, felt real happiness and fear… Fear of being more important than we always thought We were. The change started with a blast…All creatures, big and small felt the coming shift And expressed it in different ways. We all knew we were going in the opposite of natural course, but no one had the power to change the path. It was as if we had joined the impending apocalypse and contributed for it to happen. With sorrow, but hastily we aimed at the End. We all wanted this melancholy to end, We all wanted to be free from ourselves, the only way forward was self-destruction. The first explosion destroyed everything.It was a black wave that liberated the desperate. The first explosion left only regret behind. The second explosion destroyed our desires, We called it blaster of unrealized dreams. The third explosion took away our choice, We all lost ourselves, our thoughts, our principles.After the fourth explosion, everything started to change. Only then did we begin to realize that we were all part of one big organic, living machine, and everything is created of the same matter.  The fifth explosion has made us realize that we have the power to create, to alter the endless, the play with the perception of reality.We could shape our soul and body. The sixth Blast made us realize that everything we needed to know was available, The eternal source of higher knowledge was here, within us. The seventh and last explosion gave us the realization that we are not alone; that We can be part of the greater Megacosm, to perceive and have a dialogue with the ever-changing. I have learned how to change, to become a creature that is in total balance with my environment and timeline.I want to show you some of my true and perfect faces….