Sacred Creatures

The joint project “Sacred Creatures” by the Georgian-American artist Uta Bekaia and the Uzbek multimedia artist Denis Davydov studies and gives new content and visual interpretations to avatars. Active participants in current discussions about contemporary art and computer technologies, Davydov and Bekaia present their reflections on avatars as objects existing between numerous worlds. The artists pool their forces to create a virtual meta-universe – a new world where fantasy, recollections, mental projections and the possibilities of computer games combine into a single whole.The concept of Davydov and Bekaia’s first drop is based on the hypothesis that a person’s earliest avatar in life is a children’s toy. The toy is the first valuable that belongs exclusively to the child as well as an artefact to which supernatural powers can be ascribed by the force of the imagination. The cultural horizon of both artists emerged, by their own account, as something “extremely multicultural and variegated, a paradoxical agglomeration of signs – a Molotov cocktail of images from American comics, Japanese manga, traditional toys, Western and Soviet cartoons and, last but not least, first-generation computer games.” They add, “This is why the creation of our own meta-universe is a totally natural step towards the present day.”