PROJECT DESCRITPION ELEMENTS is a performance piece dedicated to the researches and practices of pagan rituals from Mingrelia, in Western Georgia. Based on “energy cleansing” ceremonies, these rituals are performed when one gets sick with what is believed to be “energetic overflows”. The ceremony is based on the use of three elements used to absorb and release dark energies: crystals, tar, and gold. The ritual will progressively transform the three natural elements into medium between the individual and the universe, helping him release his energy to the world. This performance is based on three costumes, each embodying a different element and its energetic power. At the center of the costumes will be placed a cocoon-like shape containing strings. The performers will proceed to pull out these strings during the show, as they move their bodies into a trance inspired by pagan myths. The mantras for spells have been orally shared from generation to generation, among medicine women or healers of this region of the world. They are spoken in one of the oldest European language Mingrelian. This performance is based on the history, origin and intimate experience of ELEMENTS’ creator, Uta Bekaia. The piece is dedicated to his grandmother Nora Mastkhulia who transmitted him her knowledge and understanding of the esoteric world.

Fashion Clash, Maastricht 2016

photographed by  Team Peter Stigter