The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is a performance directed by the Georgian artist Uta Bekaia. An apocalyptic celebration through movement, video, music and text of ancestral rituals with elements of Butoh, 19th century circus, and contemporary dance. Featuring new art-wear works by Bekaia, the stage is conceived as a fashion arena where costumes are the embodiment of animal instincts, dreams and desires. Digging in the unconscious’ most primal nature – violence and sexuality – the performance offers a contemplation of vileness’ hidden beauty. Directed by Uta Bekaia Music by John Sully Produced by Willard Morgan and Marie van Eersel Choreography by Uta Bekaia Videos by Nicholas Motyka, Jessie Stead and Marie van Eersel Light design by Danny Ballester Costumes by Uta Bekaia Photos by Levan Mindiashvili , Andrzej Bialuski, Macha tsarenkov Perfomers: Khatia Esartia Azumi Oe Elliot Wygoda Giedre Kotryna Hirona Amamiya Tina Paiz Jason LaPenta Julia Knoth Madona Irema Riley Suter Stefan Martin Seira Nakanishi Will Atkins