UTA Bauhaus UTA

Geometric archetypes come to life in combination with performers, the costumes emphasize gender and energy, sculptural shapes being animated and merged with the human body. Both Utas represent the principle of celebrating life with exuberant costumes, parties, wearable sculptures and multidisciplinary creations. The triangular female comes to life through movement with gestures, spins, poses and interaction with the Male Energy counterpart. Both performers dwell in their own energy fields, expressions until their encounter builds interest and tension.The performance ends with a balance of both energies. Triangle Woman symbolizes the female human with the Triangle, standing for Divinity, Trinity, the Uterus, Female centeredness, Energy and the power of procreating and growing life.The Male stripes character is adorned with spiral shapes, drop shapes and a phallic head piece embodying eternity, the seed of life and male energy. 

Uta Brauser, originally from Munich, Germany, is a multidisciplinary artist engaging visual art, activism, fashion and new media in her obsession about the human character.

Uta Bekaia was born in Tbilisi (Georgia). Currently he resides and works in New York and Tbilisi. Uta creates multimedia performances and installations inhabited with wearable sculptures, exploring his historical cultural background, Genetical codes and cycles of the universe. Among his current projects include the Istanbul 14th Biennial, Kiyiv 2nd Biennal, Tbilisi City Parade “Berikaoba”, and an Artist’s Residency at MAD museum NYC.

Dancers :

Will Atkins
NYC based dancer Will Atkins work explores the paradoxical and transformative elements in Butoh.

Flow Flo (aka Florence Benichou) sees dance as a language and aims to use movement within various media to express individual and social relationships, limitations, conflicts, and connections. She is presently collaborating with Z Collective on performances which have been featured at the Chelsea Art Museum and at the Loft in the Red Zone in New York City.

Music :
Heidi Lorënz Wettach
Heidi Lorenz Wettach-Hussa is a New York based experimental sound designer and feminist conceptual artist. In addition to her solo work, she performs in a feminist electronic project called GODXSS, and is an artist-in-residence at Index Art Center in Newark, NJ.

Kate Mohanty
A saxophonist of 20 years, Kate Mohanty’s music exists in the avant-garde realm. She performs solo improvisations under the title The Neue Avant-Garde Project. Kate is also a member of Brooklyn-based experimental trio Parlor Walls.